Web Developments

BrightLocal a marketing company conducted survey on consumer attitudes. In the study, they found out that 36% of clients trust a company more if they see a website for a business, whereas, only 21% gamble on closing a deal with a business with no website. In today’s time where everything from groceries to money transfers is done online, A business website establishes your legitimacy as a business. People will trust your products based on your website.

Web Developments
Domain & Hosting

Our Domains & hosting services will be great for your company. We got our Indian hosting service with 99.99% up-time. And a wide range of plans and packages to choose from. It is one of the economical and pioneer in technology served here. Ours is a secured Linux web hosting environment, which is trusted by our clients for more than 10 years uninterruptedly. And we can help you with your safest domain & hosting registrations with utmost customer support. Which makes us sustain stronger in this competitive world! Send us your requirements for Website Developments, SEO & Promotions, and enjoy our service today.

Web Developments
Web Designing

NIC Dezignerz Inc provides Website Developments to you in high quality. We are always updated to make some researches to keep our work to be creative & attractive with a fast loading website & increase its traffic.

Most websites from us are offered with fully customizable layouts & high creatives as per the customer’s taste. That too tested to work great on most mobile platforms and browsers. The uttermost care is taken to make it a self-maintaining website by the customer even with no knowledge of coding, sometimes they can maintain their own pages as to their needs.

Web Developments
E-Mail Solutions

Get your own personal/business e-mail services in hours. Our usual e-mail services are including in our web development packages.

Apart from that we also offer exclusive e-mail services alone, without availing any web packages. Yes, it’s our exclusive e-mail packages available for some clients just need to make any business communications from their own business IDs in the secure and economical annual fee.

Web Developments

Are you ready to open your own online store? Now it’s a good time to do, as major buyers are interested in make shopping from their home. So it’s an awesome chance to open your own online shop and get customers all over the world because more customers make a great business. We are good at suggesting & make you the best e-commerce website to sell your products or services to a wide market.

In our company, we cater to the site as per the client requirement to ensure its cost-effective and excellent services to the sellers with stock maintenance, SEO, and payment gateway.

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